Artisan ceramic extra large serving bowl - mint blueArtisan ceramic extra large serving bowl - mint blue

Artisan ceramic extra large serving bowls


Handcrafted bowls from Portugal.


These beautiful bowls are crafted in Portugal by artisans who mould and glaze each piece by hand. Cook up a visual feast – use them for salads, veg or as a fruit bowl. They make a statement filled with a beautiful plant or on a hall console. My personal favourite is seeing them on the dining table when every chair is taken and the room is full of chatter and laughter.

It is advisable to put some felt on the bottom of the bowl or sit it on something if it is going to be placed on a soft or precious surface, this will avoid it causing any scratches.

Additional information

Dimensions 37 x 20 cm

Mint blue, Taupe, Turquoise, White


One size