Media Lab

As small business with a new Instagram account I found it hard to find the right course to get me started. They were either all too technical for what I wanted to know or aimed at more Corporate companies. What I really wanted was someone to spend time with me one on one, as my very patient children did to get me started. A step by step guide that I could understand and refer back on. As well as the online courses offered here I do offer small classes where we can go over the course on your phone and your account. These can be held in the Wiltshire and London areas, email me for more details.

Course One – Getting Started on Instagram

  • This first course assumes that you already have an Instagram account installed on your device.
  • This course consists of 4 chapters from the basics of writing a powerful and engaging bio to creating and using the story function.

Choosing the Right Account.

  • Choosing the right account for you, personal or business and why.
  • Choosing the best account name for your business.
  • Creating your bio and writing your profile.

Posting on Instagram

  • How to post, how to prepare a draft.
  • What to post and when.
  • Tagging a post.

Hashtags and Your Hashtag Strategy

  • What is a hashtag?
  • How does it work?
  • How many hashtags to use and why.
  • Researching the right hashtags for your account.

The Story Function

  • What stories and why to use them
  • How to create a story
  • Tagging in stories
  • Story functions (basic level)