Throws – our cosy top 4 for autumn

Autumn is here, time for cosy throws.

As the leaves fall off the trees, and the landscape changes, we start to think ahead to cosy days indoors, by an open fire. Sometimes as the summer comes to a close we feel the house is a little tired, perhaps lacking lustre. Rooms that have been neglected as we have holidayed away or enjoyed summer al fresco. Autumn always sees me rearranging rooms as the light alters.  I like to inject a change of feel to make it more snug than it needed to be in the summer months. The light comes into the room at different angles at different times of year.   Don’t be afraid to move furniture around seasonally.

If you’re not up for a big redecorating project this autumn, like repainting the walls, think about buying a new throw, blanket or cushion.  They are all an easy, low-commitment way to add a fresh injection of colour and texture to a room and keep warm and snug.

Tapestry cushions £45, Velvet cushions £37 – all come with inner feather pad.

For me personally throws are top of mind at this time of year as the weather is colder and the heating is not on max yet. They come in many shapes, sizes, and budgets.  I like the weight of wool throws but with some cashmere to give it softness. Alternatively heavy linen throws have all year round appeal and can be just as comforting. Layer up with natural materials for maximum cosiness. Either way it’s a snuggly alternative to putting on another jumper or turning up the thermostat.

Throws and where to put them.

Possibly the best place for a throw in a sitting room is over the arms or backs of a chair or sofa.  Throws also look pretty piled up on a stool or rolled up and put in a basket.  Doing so will add that something that might be missing from a space, be it colour, texture or a pattern. Conversely a neutral throw can tone down or minimise a statement piece or pattern and stop it from dominating a room.


Chanterelle throws wool and cashmere £98


Faux fur chocolate throw £85                                 Velvet cushions £37, IKAT cushions £35, Shitake panel throw £75

Don’t forget the bedroom, particularly spare bedrooms we don’t want chilly guests. Here they will add comfort and a homely feel not to mention texture and colour. You will invariably find me wrapped in a throw in the depths of winter, making moving from room to room that bit warmer.  I also keep one on my chair for when I am working at my desk.


Lambswool throw £75, cotton waffle blanket £55            Velvet cushions £39, Chanterelle throw wool/cashmere £98


Faux fur chocolate throw £85

Enjoy a warm autumn and winter this year wrapped up in some soft wool or cashmere.  Consider giving one of our throws as a Christmas gift to someone you love.

My top four Mushroom throws.

  1. In pole position is our super faux fur chocolate throw.  It measures 180 x 140 cm and retails at £85.  It is so deliciously soft and fluffy and looks as stylish on a bed as it does a sofa.  Might make getting up a bit harder!
  2. If it’s a smaller budget you have in mind have a look at our Button random wool mixed striped throw.  Measuring a whopping 200 x 140 cm and only £55.  This throw is 70% wool and 30% polyester and the joy is that they are made from the leftover wool in the mill.   You therefore end up with one of a limited edition.
  3. In third place is our gorgeous super heavyweight linen throw which will last the test of time being suitable for all year round. These measure 170 x 130 cm and are £98.
  4. Last but by no means least our Chanterelle cashmere and wool throw measuring 180 x 130 cm and £98.  They are super soft, take my word for it, 20% cashmere and 80% wool.  These come in pistachio and mist.



Faux fur throw £85                                            Button random mix throws £55


Linen throws taupe and charcoal £85



Chanterelle cashmere and wool throws  £98

Our Shitake panel throw as featured in the Times – Bricks and Mortar.  Priced at £75 it sits in the good value for money section.

A little bit about Mushroom London.

Mushroom London is based on the foundation that the simple things in life are some of the best.  Time spent with family, laughter, the sun on your back, the seasons, quiet nights in.  In this busy world that we live in, making time to find things that are uncomplicated is something we should all strive for.   This form of simplicity and enjoyment of what surrounds you can be transferred into the spaces you create and the way in which you use them.

The aim is to bring you products inspired by style and beauty.   Objects with longevity that will become centre stage to the story that is your home. Taking the opportunity to filter what is in the marketplace,  at the same time as building up a Mushroom own collection.

Even Minty the Mushroom dog has her own favourite,  commandeered very early doors of Mushroom.   Known affectionately as ‘#mushroommodel’  Minty can hear the lens cap coming off the camera two rooms away!


Minty on our Oyster Beehive throw in oatmeal.  £75 (backorder)

This Oyster Beehive throw in oatmeal is one of our best sellers.  It is currently in weaving and back with us mid January.  It is available to back order.  Timeless in style and colour, this is a perfect example of one of our products with longevity.   The raison d’etre of Mushroom.

The new year will also see us designing our own throw or two.  These will be exclusive to Mushroom so keep your eyes peeled.  We are really excited about creating our very own brand,  and can’t wait to be able to show you the finished products.   New year, new throws!