Affirmations – The Reason I Am On Instagram

There are times when I fall out of love with Instagram and all it involves, there are also days when it is just plain hard to get motivated.  Particularly when you are accountable to only  yourself.  Well on those days I look at these affirmations and they are all I need to kick start me again.  This is the reason I am here on the gram and I am grateful to each and every lovely comment.  Thank you. x


Love following your account – upbeat, positive – you set a good example of how to expect ups and downs, go through them and carry on.

You are amazing and gave kept so many of us going through Lockdown.  Now it’s our turn to look after you.

You inspire me to walk every day, thank you.  I think you are such a positive person and I enjoy following you.  Keep doing what you are doing.

Your videos are so uplifting – they have pulled me out of a bit of a hole, so, so positive.

I love following you, so down to earth and so like the rest of us.

I love your account, it’s like a lifestyle magazine, always interesting and full of gorgeous things.

I love your chats on here – they really motivate me to get up and go and push myself.

Only just started following you and I love what you are doing.

Found your account during Lockdown and so happy I did.  Love watching your walks and listening to your chats.

You are doing a great job, certainly inspiring me.

You have inspired me – thank you.

Lovely to relate & share thoughts with you like a friend.  That’s a special gift on these squares.

You have done a wonderful job, keep on doing what you are doing.

You have been so motivational during Lockdown, Thank you.

I look forward to seeing you on here first thing in the morning,  you keep me inspired to get up and to do things.  Thank you so much Tina.

You are just gorgeous – such an inspiration.  Thank you.

I really love your style and have used your IG photos as inspiration for several purchases recently.  Thanks for helping me transform my wardrobe so I don’t embarrass my boys anymore.

You know what?  You really are the voice of reason.  It doesn’t matter what background we are from – rich/poor, you do keep this amazing balance on life and I so enjoy watching you stride through those fields.  Well done you.

Just caught you with you this afternoon.  And you are as ever spot on with all you say plus may I say you look as gorgeous as ever.

Love your chats, they put a very positive spin on life.  I could listen to you for hours.  Thank you.

You’re such a caring, sharing woman, yours is such a nice place to visit on Instagram, no judgement, none of the keeping score etc.  Your authenticity shines through every post.  So refreshing and real, thank you.

You are so inspirational and just looking at you makes me think I can also look lovely again. 

You always cheer me up, you have such a positive attitude.  I know you don’t always feel that way, but I always look forward to your amiable chats.

Everyone loooooves your accent and all agree that your wisdom is such a gift.  Another DM said you are beyond chic.

Loved the podcast with you.  I love your earthly and motivational way, whether its your walk, your body coach, your family, what you’re up to and ‘I’ll catch you later’

All your positivity at this time is a complete tonic.  You are a wonderful person with oodles of kindness, thank you.

Can I just thank you for this page, it has by far been the best find of 2020 for me and you have had such a positive impact on my life in all areas.

Thank you for being a part of my 2020 IG and being so upbeat every day.  Some of those days your positivity was enough to nudge my mindset into a better place.

Thank you for all your posts they have been fab especially in lockdown.  You put a smile on my face, you exude positivity keep it up please.

Just wanted to say how refreshingly positive your post was today.  You have been the only one I follow on IG with an upbeat attitude to this today.  Thank you.

Thanks for your motivation and encouragement.

Lovely to see your beautiful bright face, thanks for lifting my day with your jolly upbeat chats.

Thank you for giving up our daily dose of positivity, you are an absolute star.

I really enjoy your daily insta stories.  You definitely have a great positive attitude which is infectious.

So much of what you write its so very identifiable and reassuring.  Than you for being so positive and up lifting.