Over the years I have loved experimenting with furnishings and accessories.  Living between London and Wiltshire, my inspiration has come from both the city and the countryside.  When I started Mushroom London, it was because I was aware that my nest was emptying rapidly.   The idea was to bring carefully selected and sourced products for the home, based on a calm palette with an emphasis on my signature colour, ‘mushroom’.  What started as an online shop has developed into a lifestyle business.  My main aim is to help to put a positive spin on life in general, but I can particularly resonate and help those with empty nests.  I have a passion for fashion too, and spend a lot of my time sharing my style tips and blatant disregard of dressing to suit my age!  Finally I enjoy writing and have written a collection of blogs on a range of subjects.  Life is for living and I am loving the platform that this has given me.   Married to Mr Foz, I am a self confessed petrol head, Mama to 3 big kids and one small dog.  Follow me on Instagram @mushroomlondon where you will get a greater insight into what inspires me day to day.

Tina xx