Affirmations – The Reason I Am On Instagram

There are times when I fall out of love with Instagram and all it involves, there are also days when it is just plain hard to get motivated.  Particularly when you are accountable to only  yourself.  Well on those days I look at these affirmations and they are all I need to kick start me again.  This is the reason I am here on the gram and I am grateful to each and every lovely comment.  Thank you. x   Love following your account – upbeat, positive – you set a good example of how to expect ups and downs, go through them and carry on. You are amazing and gave kept so many of us going through Lockdown.  Now … Read more

The Final Lockdown?

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog or recorded a podcast.  I was wondering why this might be, and it occurred to me that when you have very little happening in your day to day life, your creative juices don’t flow as readily. There is very little content of note available to talk about.  This led me to think about how I have got through the last two lockdowns, and how I intend to tackle the third, and I think possibly the hardest. The first lockdown was easier in a strange way.  I remember being shocked and upset about it, but once we had negotiated the return of two of our children from abroad I began to … Read more